LordsRoad -- Maintenance announcement

Source: Quugames        Update:2015-12-01

My Lords,

To improve your gaming experience, all servers of Lords Road will have maintenance on Dec. 3rd, 2015 from 03:00 to 04:30 EDT (08:00 to 09:30 GMT). We will update Lords Road with a new version for all players. Maintenance is expected to take approximately 90 minutes. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

1. Improve the rewards of Guild Boss: Gold, Virtuous Jewel, Chaos Chest.
2. Improve the rewards of Siege: Plenty of Contribution and Goddess Pieces Chest (Use to get a random Goddess Piece x5).
3. Improve the rewards of Chaos VS: Plenty of Honor and Enchant Jewel.
4. Improve the rank rewards of Demon Invasion: Plenty of Crystal.
5. Improve the rewards of Element Trial: Add rewards of Magic Jewel.
6. Adjust the rewards of Kings Bounty: Treasure Map, Jewel Chest and Enhance Jewel.
7. Adjust the waves of monsters in Daily Dungeon, decrease by 5 waves, from 10 waves to 5 waves. And the rewards remain same.
8. Add the function of auto connecting.
9. Improve the rewards interface of Team Dungeon.
10. Fix the bug the players may cannot upgrade Goblin Aircraft and Wild Turkey.
11. Fix the bug of the side quest of “Slay 20 Boss”.
12. Fix the bug that there are more than 1 goddess in Team Dungeon.


Lords Road Ops Team